Nolan Lawless
& Philosophy

Over ten years of clinical practice.
Over twenty conference presentations.
This is only the beginning.

When I was growing up, I never expected that I would do counseling and coaching for a living, but I should have. My focus has always been on helping and supporting others, as far back as I can remember. No matter what paths I took, professionally or personally, I always found myself looking for where I can help.

When I first became a licensed therapist, I was so excited to be able to help others, but I soon realized it wasn't enough. There were social systems, cultural biases, and long held beliefs about ourselves and others that hold us all back. It became clear that the work I was called to went beyond the counseling office.

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I believe that we as a society have become too quick to pathologize the struggles that we have in our relationships with others. Instead of learning the skills to understand and communicate with each other, we take medications to numb ourselves. Instead of building connections, we isolate ourselves.

In my clinical practice, my continuing education work, and my conference presentations, I work actively to center our focus on relationship skills. Managing jealousy and insecurity, setting appropriate personal boundaries, and effectively communicating our wants and needs to others are critical to all human relationships, especially intimate ones.