Nolan Lawless
Polyamory Professional

Therapist. Relationship Coach. Educator. Presenter.

I am Nolan Lawless, founder of Mount Scott Counseling and co-founder of Deconstructing Polyamory, and I am committed to supporting the consensual non-monogamous community through professional practice, education, and community support. I have traveled across North America presenting at conferences, community events, and professional classes on alternative sexuality, relationship models, and inclusive practices.

My Services

Relationship Coaching

Through Infinite Heart Coaching, I offer custom relationship support to clients of all gender identities, sexual orientations, and relationship styles.

Polyamory Education

Through Deconstructing Polyamory, I provide educational programs for both professional and community audiences on various topics relating to polyamory.

Community Support

I am proud to be associated with Loving More, North America's largest nonprofit organization serving the consensually non-monogamous community.